Saturday, 26 October 2013

I Need Your Help !!!! please.

                   Please could you help me with a College Assignment
Last Sunday I began my Part Time Job In a little shop called Cotswold Trading . Which sells a variety of gifts for absolutely any age. I was pleased at how friendly the staff where and that I thoroughly enjoyed the day even though I had a few mistakes when it came to packing.

As this is my last year of college I am currently studying Film which is rather fascinating and involves a great amount of analysing. One of my tasks include a online survey; as I need to find the demographics and psychographics to create a audience profile . To do this I need your help just to answer a few questions about what you would like to see when a new film is coming out based on a original synopsis that I had to create. I will link the questions below, which will only take a few minutes to fill in the answers . I really do appreciate this if you are busy then I completely understand.
It is completely free    Thank you :)
div id="surveyMonkeyInfo"><div><script src=""> </script></div>Create your free online surveys with <a href="">SurveyMonkey</a> , the world's leading questionnaire tool.</div>

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