Sunday, 6 October 2013

Finding a Passion In Life

Passion as a universal meaning : Is when you find something that makes you experience all kinds of emotions which you believe is special to your own life. Without it your life would be incredibly different.

In a ideal world it would be easy to say that passion is absolutely everything under the sun, that makes you want to jump out of your bed as if there was no tomorrow. For some that may be true but for others like myself it is more of a self discovery ; searching for exactly what it is that makes a real difference in how you are currently living.

In my experience I have learned and used to think life is all about having fun. To a certain extent that part is true when in reality it is more about balancing the fun with tasks. That are more equipped in helping you find the right career path. Motivating yourself  somewhere along the line will help you succeed. Currently I am lost on what to pursue a career in as I am finishing up my last year of college .I thought I had a unbelievable amount of passion for Film but from studying this subject in great detail I am now beginning to think this may not be right for me. It happens passions will change over time ,although I am more geared towards writing but lack in confidence with describing out loud my ideas.

To help myself an others to really and truly find your Passion in life I have added a few tips of my own.

1. Think about a subject that you truly enjoy it can be absolutely anything your heart desires.
2. What hobbies do you like doing.
3. From tip 1 it might be a good idea to mind map or bullet point a few career ideas  even watch a favourite TV show might even jog some ideas.
4. Being open minded to try every kind of job lets not knock it down until you at least had a go.
5. Know your strengths and weaknesses if your really not sure ask a family member or friend I am sure they will know a few.

I still am trying to figure out what exactly I want from my life. With these tips whenever I feel completely lost I try a few out which surprisingly lead to some answers. We all know it can be a little daunting at times to not know what to do after education as after all it is a safety blanket. All the decisions are made for you by someone else majority of the time. Either way know matter what pathway you decide on you will still end up in the place you are supposed to be ( a little food for though to ponder on. )

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