Sunday, 15 September 2013

Outfit of the day + RECAP of the week


This week has been a absolute roller coaster of emotions. I feel I use this saying a lot but is very true in describing my life. It Started off pretty bad my eating was out of control after doing so well, then finally I came to the conclusion I need to really get back on the straight and narrow path. As soon as I did ,things really began to change. I have been searching and applying for a job for months and hallelujah after all that hard work I can proudly say a interview is all I need to get the job.
 I have seen better days but dwelling on the rubbish is a sure way for a downward spiral. I just have a lot on my chest and need to get through it all , my next post will be something of interest to someone who knows exactly how I am feeling.

 Rainy day at the docks
A casual choice that fitted nicely in with the cold dreary weather.

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