Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fall is finally Upon Us Yipeee !!!!!!!!!

 1. Has to be hot drinks, especially having the warm liquid in a really awesome mug.

2. Who does not love running into the huge pile of leaves, I know I do , brings back such wonderful memories of being a kid again.

3. Warm cosy sweaters/jumpers  that feel ever so comforting and soft to the touch. The best is cashmere ,a little pricey but incredibly worth it.

4. Adding cinnamon on everything sweet, that is what I feel represents Fall.

5. The fabulous array of colour on every single leaf : vermillion red , fluorescent orange and burgundy brown ,as well as giving great fashion tips on picking out a really nice warm inviting colour to match the mood of the season.

This is just a few reasons why I love Fall 
 everyone is welcome to do this tag :)

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