Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hello    everyone :)
Yesterday, My wonderful sister and I took a little trip on the train to London to watch Wimbledon.
It was the first time for the both of us and cannot wait to show you what Wimbledon really looks like. The TV does not do it any justice, the reality is very different.
In case your not familiar with Wimbledon  I will tell you. It is held once a year in Wimbledon, London showcasing the best tennis players across the world competing for the championship every year. We  were both very grateful to get this opportunity to be able to go and see some famous tennis players. We won our tickets in a  tennis raffle. You cant just buy the tickets win the privilege of getting them from your tennis club as they cost thousands of pounds and are incredibly hard to come by even if you can afford them. I do not think this is fair but if you get the chance do not hesitate to go.
Now for the bazillion photos ,courtesy of my sister (HAHA )
 Woke up at 7 in the morning to get to the train station which is going to Paddington station in London.

Obviously cannot forget the music our jam currently was a unusual pick but gets the craziness out of us every time.
Jonas Brothers Burning up thanks to Google as I may of forgot the title of the song oops nevertheless works every time.

Gum wrapper in hand pretending out the words of "Taylor Swift You Belong With Me."
Believe me this was a two hour journey what is a girl like me to do to pass the time? Answer is to have a good time.

One way was people watching {yes you heard that right} , outside our window there was a man eating a pie. not sure how this is funny but it was at the time , he looks rather oblivious to the world.

:What strange creature we are :
As we arrived at Wimbledon Park there were already lots of people waiting to get to their seats . I could not believe how many people there were; at one point everyone was walking down a hill and for a moment they all looked  like a ant farm there was that many people.

The souvenir shop ,which I was good  and did not spend any of my money, as I hope one day I will be able to go again, then just maybe I might by a t- shirt or a little something to remember it by.

A beautiful little area to sit and eat delicious food, or if you want a to be nosy  take a walk around the park which benefitted me as I get lost very easily, as I am terrible with directions although I eventually managed to find my way back.

My outfit : A small silver cream blazer which is from H and M, then to go underneath a little floral top which is tied at the bottom. That funnily enough used to be my sisters sometimes we share clothes (great perks of having a sibling who is a similar size to me). Bottoms were  also from Hand M and last but not least the shoes were a  pair of brown moccasin's ,which form all the climbing and walking around London were surprisingly very comfy . The bag to accompany my outfit was a gift from my Mum. If you have been reading this blog for a while I am sure you have guessed I am no the best at grammar , still learning my way around.

A sweet shop selling all kinds of old fashioned sweets to match the tradition of Wimbledon , which  has been going on for several decades now.

The order of play and was a little confusing to grasp but I got it eventually

 I am very much fascinated in the History of a place: whenever I travel to a historical location, Particularly being able to see who won the championship was very exciting and really liked how it was displayed on each of the walls.

If you have made it to this picture well that is great ,I did warn you there will be a lot of photos. Finally Centre Court which is where we were seated right at the back under the shade this was snapped before everyone has arrived. The stadium was huge in comparison to the photo.

The royals were seated in a little box right at the front and luckily someone special appeared to be seated their, which is.......
Andy Murray who was not playing tennis on Saturday, but at least we got to see him in person from a fair distance away.
Walked near to the font to get a closer look at the court itself and why not have a photo at the same time.

 The guy wearing his white tennis gear, if I remember his name as he was not a well known tennis player was Bernard.  This game seemed to go on for ages at least two hours; unfortunately , Serena was playing on a different court and Novak was on the court at 7.00 pm, we left just before 6.  Even though we did not see anyone that was well known the whole experience was very much enjoyable and I would definitely go again .who knows maybe next year I will have a  boyfriend.  I have not found the right guy yet,  he's out there somewhere.

Watching the tennis game and halfway through decided it was time , you guessed it to take another photo , currently sitting next to us was this cute boy, When my sister and I are ever together we look out for all the cute and hot guys and one was so good looking that without even realising I stopped and stared a little too long , luckily I was wearing my Ray bans so I did not embarrass myself too much.
A Whole day at Wimbledon cannot wait to go again !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh man, that sounds awesome! Tennis is one sport I really dig. It's so fast moving so it's easy to stay connected with it and not drift off into dream world. :) Glad you had an awesome time!

  2. Great photos! Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)