Wednesday, 8 May 2013

D.I.Y Memory Jar

This week has definitely been a learning curve, lately with the warmer days I have found myself with more energy to go outside for a little fresh air and lets not forget to try and catch a tan whilst enjoying the magnificent scenery which surrounds my village, which i am sad to say i don't always notice as often as i should.

A project i have wanted to do for a while is a D.I.Y memory jar. The idea was partly from you tube and pinterest with a twist of my own. The purpose of a memory jar is to capture every happy moment under the sun. As we all have those days or times of feeling a little sad about something or other,  when this happens you can open up your jar and pick out either a photo ,inspirational quote or a memory written down on little scraps of paper of whatever your heart desires. It really is up to you on what you want your jar to be filled with.


What You Will Need :

Glitter of any kind all I had in our post office was a selection of colours, Pencil ,glue stick , scissors , coloured card to draw the design on, Spray glue which needs to be adhesive and be able to use on glass. I bought the one pictured below on EBay the good news is it is very versatile even though it says it is for carpets. Most importantly the jar(coffee jar) which is featured below and realised i forgot to include oops.

Step 1 :
Draw the design on the coloured card, i chose a star i honestly don't have a reason why.
Hearts,circles,yin yang sign are just some ideas.

                                Step 2: Very simple and easy to do add glue onto your chosen shape.

step 3:Then place it in the inside of the jar preferably in the middle therefore even . 

step 4: Now for the fun part which is a little sticky so the best solution is to place the jar  outside on the ground to avoid getting the glue all over your hands. Which let me tell you is not that fun and gets very messy,
spray quite a lot about 4 or 5 cm away just so you are not fully inhaling all the chemicals.
STEP 5: Once finished sparaying the inside of the jar quickly add  the glitter. I thoroughly enjoyed the most as it brought me back to my child hood and who does not like glitter. Place the jar over a piece of paper this is in case if any of the glitter which did not stick does not end up all over the floor. You may have to apply the glue and glitter several times if you do want even coverage.  
step 6: Let the jar dry for at least 10 minutes then take the pencil and carefully peel away your design which should look like the image pictured below. 
 Interior view of inside the jar i must say it does look pretty cool.
(Required final step) shout at the top of your lungs how easy and fun that was to do . Your jar is complete and who cares if you made a super duper mess or tuns out a little messy like mine. The main thing is you had a lot of fun decorating a boring old jar now into a masterpiece which was cheap and easy to do.


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  2. Lovely post, this actually made me smile reading it! I may have to give it a go and I agree messing about with glitter definitely reminds me of when i was younger!

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