Thursday, 23 May 2013

 Confession : A huge passion of mine is reading books not too shocking as i like writing. romantic,mystery  adventure and when feeling rather daring thriller these are the  typical genres I like when it comes to choosing a book.

 Pictured below are my top 5 favourite books to read (from left to right) Marshmallows for breakfast, The Help , Never Let Me Go, The Ugly Sister and  Burn for Burn. I literally could not  put anyone one of these down. Especially after reading the first page as that for me is the deciding point on whether i will be hooked to the story line.

I would have to say i have not seen Never let Me go the film however I thoroughly enjoyed the book as it is something different that I had not come across yet and sometimes i do wonder about the future maybe a little too much at times ,where this kind of book is a real eye opener and I could really relate to each of the characters in someway.
Reading a book is an escapism of stepping into someone else's shoes which is nice for a change and really brings each of the characters to life.

Whatever the weather when I'm in the mood I will always find time to enjoy a book. Don't get me wrong I t love films but sometimes it is nice to create your own scene rather than a fixed idea .
I know reading is not  everyoneS taste which i completely understand but at least give one of theses books a try and maybe you might just change your mind .

 I do understand this post is not everyones cup of tea and next week will be something a little more personal about me.
 Please recommend any books that are worth reading
Annie :)

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  1. nice post, great selection of books;)X