Thursday, 16 May 2013

A lot has happened this week, some of the stuff has been rather overwhelming I got through it in the end. Yesterday was a pretty stressful day at college even though I felt the day went pretty awful, my main aim of the day was to hand in this C,V into white stuff(clothing store). I really had no expectations of whether they would contact me for an interview. Little did i know on the bus home  half an hour later of handing in my C.V I got a phone call asking me for an interview as you can imagine  I was over the moon with this news and excited about the interview which is this Saturday.

It is just a couple months away form summer and I'm sure there are exams going on , work, college, which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  I do feel stressed at times which is why i have devised a few tips of my own to alleviate some of the stress to help you get through the next few weeks.

1.Try out some breathing Techniques-
Even 5 minutes of deep breathing helps your mind focus on the breathing more and less of the stress.

2. Motivation- is key especially when you something to look forward to as a end result, as  during a stressful time you going to want to reward yourself.
Few ideas: Holiday,D.I.Y projects, shopping,spending time with family, travelling, concert,

3.Nutrition - eating well balanced meals will definitely help with having more energy and to stop feeling tired all the time from eating chocolate or less nutritious food ,which could cause headaches and leave you feeling irritable.

4.Good nights sleep - I can not tell you the countless of times I end up going to bed toO late as I spend way too much time on the Internet or watching tele and I'm sure most of us do. Although when a huge assignment is due the next week it really does demotivate me and is really hard to get back on track. When I do go to bed earlier ,most of the time i feel more awake and positive about the day ahead.

5. Pets - For those who do have pets they are absolutely one of the best stress relievers as they always are very calm and  loving.

6. Physical activity - I know exercising can be a bore at times ,but when you feel angry or upset about something taking that break in the day of doing whatever you like yoga, running , jogging or one of my favourites random dancing in your bedroom to burn of steam and release those endorphins which really do make you feel a whole lot better.

7.Talk to someone - Whether it is your best friend , teacher, family member I suggest someone you really trust ,as my dad always says a problem shared is a problem halved.

8. Find a solution - No matter how big or small the issue really is majority of the time there are solutions.Some maybe a little harder to figure out at first but trust me it really Is worth it and I'm telling you it will feel as if the weigh has been lifted form your shoulders.

9.  Enjoy the moment - Why waste worrying when life is short and no one really knows what will happen. Live in the moment laugh , dance, take a photo, as looking back it really will make you feel good knowing that you overcame the challenge and hold onto what really is important.

10.Remember stress is only temporary - be patient as things take time to heal and get over, once the time has passed the stress you may have once felt will gradually go away. Never let yourself give up just try your best and see where life takes you.

I have tried all of these tips and ideas just try what best suits your situation.
what have you got to lose ?
Feel free to leave your tips or suggestions on different ways to alleviate that constant bother
Hope this helps :)


  1. What a lovely and helpful post- love your blog!
    Philippa Poppy

    1. Ahhh thank you do much for following definitley am going to follow back glad you found it helpful :)