Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Rainy Day

Planning is not always the key to 

                        : Happiness
Woke up this morning to a incredibly ,miserable Sunday morning ( oh England you never seem to surprise me ). Without a great deal of enthusiasm for the day ahead. To be totally honest deep down I was thinking what the heck just wallow in your PJS.Then I remembered its only rain surely it cannot affect my overall mood, once I realized this I immediately felt more motivated to do something productive. I always plan Sundays as it is the day I choose to upload a blog post unfortunately due to not taking the photos I really wanted to I had to postpone my idea. Which has never happened before I panicked because I could not for the life of me think what to right about then it occurred to me just tell the truth and keep being consistent. At the moment I am sitting on my bed typing away anything that comes to my mind whilst drinking some hot rooibos tea to warm me up as it is jolly cold for what should be Autumn. Good news is I finally found a job that is suitable as part time and starts next Sunday selling home goods for a home.  I could not be happier although I will have to reconsider which day will be blog writing. College has already been a challenge as I just feel so out of place as if I cannot be me which can be rather awkward.  If anyone has any advice I would love to know how to be more of a pleasure to be around. I have been rather good at understanding my emotions and dealing with them head on which believe it or not has prevented a huge build up.
That's all I have to say For today one other thing before I forget is getting a Google AdSense Account good  or bad idea ?

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