Sunday, 11 August 2013

`Vacation Time


Tuesday 30th July our adventure began at 9:50 pm ,was when my sister and I boarded the plane to the exotic location of Tenerife , Spain. Arrived at 2:50 am Wednesday morning at the airport ready to catch the shuttle to our Hotel. I could not help laughing at how the bus driver took us round and round in circles as he was completely lost and not to mention on the phone the whole time. First thought was  "great start to the Holiday" all will change. I was Simply exhausted and this is the first time with my 16 year old sister to go on a holiday by ourselves. Sometimes fear can give you the right push into becoming more independent, as let me tell you we are both wimps when it comes to pushing ourselves to the limit. Fell asleep pretty quickly except there was a strange annoying noise we could here that sounded like someone was snoring ; a little weird; it did stop thank goodness.
First proper day : All our food was inclusive meaning help yourself to as much as you want was the motto.

after breakfast the rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool and hunted around for the best swimming pool which would definitely be this one. The cool thing was you had to use a card to access the pool each time.

Each night we would dress up for dinner and wore a variety of outfits , one great thing about being on a holiday is how much time you have to get ready and very little time thinking about all the stress left at home.

Day 2 Early start to the day ,as we planned to go downtown to get our bearings more familiar with Los Cristiano's a very quaint little town with a vibe that could almost be replicated to the times I spent in Florida. I think it must of been the palm trees that were the dead giveaway.


Day 3 was back to the pool and in the afternoon ventured into the supermarkets  after a little siesta of course. Browsing all the food they had for offer which I spotted purple Fanta and well the ice creams speak for themselves except I forgot to take a photo. Night time was specifically targeted to the kids and ended up finishing at 9:45 which was right about the time the real entertainment started several included a magic show, acrobatics, opera singing are too name a few. Not necessarily our cup of tea but was pretty hilarious to watch.
Day 4 had to be the day I was most looking forward to as it was a little trip to the beach, as when I lived in Florida that was the number one hot spot. My whole family would go at the weekends ahhh those were the days. I will let these photos do the talking ( not literally ).



Day 5 was a trip to the market to see if we can buy some gifts to take back home with us and give to a few family members . At night I was happy to play a game of pool which I had completely forgot how to hold the stick  a little embarrassing to admit either way I won. My last hit was a epic  HIT landing my striped ball in the hole. I am aware these terms sound strange and if your familiar with the game I am sure it will make sense. (here I am hoping I don't sound weird at all )

Day 6 cannot believe we are nearly at the end of our vacation well after staying at the hotel we thought why not try something else. from pondering over the  different options. Best idea so we thought was to go to the Waterpark. Unfortunately the trip ended up in a disaster to say the least we bought only 12 euros on the bus and once we got there I realised you had to pay for your locker and most of the rides.  What was really disappointing was the dolphin show which I thought having paid in advance would cover the dolphin show as well boy was I wrong. Anyways we managed to go on a ride called wacky races which was a lot of fun but were worried the bus would only come at 5. Leaving us no choice but to get a taxi. You live and you learn is the saying I am going with here . to put a more positive outcome on the situation I liked feeling independent. The rest of the day was laying lazily at the pool.

The final day was full of excitement and a little sad to be leaving as it was really nice having time away from the parents and feeling more grown up than ever. The juicy gossip : I have left to the end as you will read in a minute why.  18is the legal age I can drink alcohol I tried one alcoholic drink a rum and coke which was revolting. Having to work  up the courage to meet and talk to people was a little daunting at first and luckily the last night before we left we met some really sweet guys a little younger but were hilarious to talk to. Lets be honest what holiday would be complete without food .......        response absolutely none. Cannot wait for the next trip away made a few mistakes saving the best one too last.  Leaving my purse on the flight back with all my cards and money inside is now gone forever. I was completely devastated no matter how tired you are always do a double check on the valuables. Believe it or not I did get a tan the proof is definitely not in the pictures.

I was very grateful for this chance to visit somewhere new :)
Did you go anywhere this summer? would love to know .


  1. Thanks for the follow, I love your pictures, your holiday looked so nice!
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  2. Lovely post. Perfect bikini bod also!

  3. Looks like you had a great time, I love your outfits!