Sunday, 16 June 2013

Current Favourites : Fashion and Make Up

What a week it has been getting ready for Broadcast Day at collage, which is basically a way to show a short TV programme live on a internet channel called Stratcast. I volunteered to do a news report on the college . I was very nervous,  towards the  end I enjoyed the whole experience very much.
I definitely have challenged myself this month by reaching some of those goals I mentioned earlier. Especially with talking to guys which has been tough for me as I am not naturally  confident as I should  when around them.  Just trying to be myself and see where life takes me with being me.
What has been a challenge for you this week ?
I spotted these abstract trousers while browsing on Asos. I wanted to switch up my style and go all out on the theme of patterns. For the price of around £20.00 is what they cost ,quite a good price ,although not sure on the exact cost. However when I received them in the post; to my surprise the material is very thin and IS perfect for those cooler days in the summer.
Here's a surprise ! I have really been into eye shadow lately and the colour tattoo by Maybelline has been very floating around in the blogging community.  I can see why as I tried it out the other day and was very happy with the nice colour contrast on my skin. I also noticed it looks different on someone else's skin tone which is quite nice as you can rock the way you choose to wear it  and make  your own. My favourite is the bronze eye shadow pictured above as it goes nicely with my  deep dark brown eyes. Let me tell you it sure is a challenge to find the right eye shadow that compliments my eyes and I am pretty sure I have found the perfect shade which makes me extremely happy.

Benefit Mascara is another make up product I love.  Having  light long eyelashes is quite annoying , unfortunately I find it incredibly hard to make my eyelashes stand out. Naturally they are very straight with no shape. I know not the best feature to have , I do want to mention this mascara has been life changing. When applied my eyelashes are transformed into nice big bold eyelashes that hold their shape.

I bough these shoes last year and they are Avimotion shape ups. The reason being is because of how self  conscious of the muscles in my legs. Initially I wanted these shoes for a vain reason I know it is quite silly thinking they will tone my legs creating a nicer shape. This year I have fallen in love with these trainers all over again. Since  I have started running my outlook has changed as I can honestly tell you  they are the most comfiest trainers I have ever owned. I feel as if I was walking on clouds. The added height does not hurt either especially if your short like me ha ha :)


  1. I love the aztec trousers! would love it if you could check out my blog?:) xxx

  2. Love the trousers :)