Sunday, 18 August 2013

Friends are For Life :)


Wow I cannot believe how unbelievably fast August has approached. We are More than half the way through the year "pretty scary". Feels like last year was just around the corner. I have been meaning to discuss this topic for a while as it is very close to home for me.  
Friends we all have experienced this kind of relationship at least once in our lifetime. so why is it so important to have a true friend?
What friendship means to me in a nut shell: Someone who accepts all your flaws and can tell you the truth even if it can be hard to swallow. Always able to count on ,no matter the circumstances.
Growing up is a major part of being a teenager, and lets be honest is not always going to be smooth sailing. I should know as making friends is something I do find quite difficult to do as I have not always chosen the right group of girls to begin with. 
 Ever since I was little wanted to pretend I was someone else I even changed my name as I was not always fond of Anne-Marie ,which is the name I was given to when I was born. I am not sure why ,maybe I felt I was always going to be known as her. So I did what most people do when you don't fit in I tried to follow what my group of friends did even though at times I was questioning my own identity in this big wide world. I was not overly shy in the early years of aged ten and younger ,as my life was planned out for me.  You go to school move up to the next grade easy peasy. The bigger issue arose when my Family wanted to move to another country , somewhere new and different there it is the word "being different " I was afraid as I was not sure how to be myself. Living in a whole new culture and miles away from my little community where nothing changed . I was thrown into the deep end on a massive scale, soo deep I was not sure if I would ever learn to swim on my own (Metaphor ) adapting to change. I was bullied several times in my life now I can see why I never liked to show my true colours I was by no means cruel I just did not have my own opinion of others yet. I have been lucky to have that one friend which of course is my sister who I mention quite a bit ,as I don't have to hide being me which is a absolutely wonderful feeling. Now I  have another best friend except she lives in the Netherlands but we make it work as best as we can.
My best advice on keeping those awesome friends and making new ones is please be yourself . I know its hard to do especially when your not sure who you as a person fully , but in time it will get easier. Well I still have loads to learn. I am 18 am and still struggle to find a real group of friends in England that accept me for me. Looking back I am proud of some of the choices I have made although have said terrible things and not always made the best choices even now I still go against the true me.  I am human and we are going to make mistakes but as long as you can move forward and be the better person for it then there really is no need to stress about the past.
Maybe this does not make a great deal of sense but this particular blog is me being me and I am a very honest person and would not dream of being someone else as there are no rules its what's right in your heart, there are no tips or what not to say or ways to do things as everyone experiences different things. One size does not fit all, and am perfectly happy about that. I can truly say standing out from the crowd is a wonderful thing. Please try to not judge someone as we all do it from time to time but watching this program switched at birth has made me realise everyone deserves a chance at happiness.


  1. I really like this blog post, I love your blog all around :) This is great advice and I agree with everything, especially with being yourself!
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  2. Great post!

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  3. Hello my lovely! Your mum pointed me here, will have a good read when I get more time. A great place to speak from the heart. Hoping to see you all soon ♥

  4. lovely blog ans very interesting posts but its quite hard to read it