Thursday, 18 April 2013

First Post

First Post : Finding My Purpose In Life :)

I have come to realise at the age of 18 I have not achieved as much as I would of liked yet. I am at that point where I'm not sure what I should do with my life or what my true passion is. Hopefully by creating this blog I might be able to find my purpose. As a child I always used to look forward to growing up and wondering what I would look like at 18 which for some reason that was the magical age in my eyes. As of this week I have started reading this fabulous book "The Happiness Project" I will keep you posted on how that is going. The kind of personality I have is caring , thoughtful a little shy because I really do want to be optimistic. Although  for people like me in today's society are not always accepted. The truth is everyone is accepted in their own way of course, some people need that extra boost of confidence and others find it from learning it the hard way. As you can tell from the title I believe everyone can find happiness or even more happiness you can never be too happy no seriously no one can ever have too many friends in  life, all it takes is  a little bravery and a positive attitude. I'm a teenager who is figuring out life the hard way. There is a super confident happy girl deep inside who wants a chance of happiness .

What to Expect on this blog :

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 I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


  1. Hey Anne, your blog is very interesting and it is something I can relate to.

    Growing up as a teenager, I used to think similarly to you, I guess most teenagers do. I didn't have the best early teenage experience, I didn't have many friends, I used to imagine how my future would pan out, today I am at a happy place, I am surrounded by friends and family and I am doing what I love.

    It is safe to say everything will be alright for you, if you keep doing you, study hard and live a happy confident life. Never let anyones opinions get the best of you, it's mind over matter. Follow your heart. Dream it, believe it and achieve it. :)

  2. Hi Anne! Welcome to the blogging world! I started a couple of months ago and really love it. It was a good way to take my mind away from all the negativity in my life, which generally consisted of Friendship problems x

    1. hey yes no problem will have a look at your blog now thanks for stopping bye

  3. helloooo!
    welcome to the blogging world, i hope it's the start of a new chapter in your life- i would love to know who writes the happiness project; it sounds like something i'd love to read :)
    the blogging world is full of so much positivity and i hope some of that transfers to your 'real' life :)

    hope to speak soon,

    laura xx

    1. hey yes the happiness project is by a lady called Gretchin Rubin who also has a blog thank you so much I'm sure I will be more positive. I must say I am pretty blown away of how everyone in the blogging community is very welcoming that definitely makes me happy I will be posting a new blog post this week I will check out your blog right now :)