Sunday, 14 July 2013

 Since last summer  I have wanted to make my own daisy headband. This summer I set out to do just that with a little  inspiration from a couple blogs and YouTube. This is very simple to make , good durability and cost effective.
Why not give it a go , what have you got to lose ?

What You Will Need :
A couple fake daisies which the ones I am using are bought from eBay ,as I was unable to find any in a hardware store ; if your are able to find them then that's great.
tape measure (optional 2mm is the length I opted for)
glue gun (any glue gun is fine )
Step 1 : Measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure , then once you have the correct measurement match it in line with the elastic, mine was exactly 21 inches.
Step 2 : cut the elastic at the measurement which fits your head .
Step 3 : Staple the two ends together which is quite tricky to do , alternatively sew by hand the two ends ;which is what I ended up doing as it really secured the headband together nicely.
Step 4 : Trim each of the stems of however many daisies you would like to use .then fill with the glue .
Step 5 : Place the daisy in the centre of the elastic and press firmly , I used 6 daisies as that was what I liked the look of feel free to use as many daisies as you like.
The finished head band , modelled by my sister .
So simple to make , lots of fun as I only choose projects that have a fun factor as part of the deal and this meets all the criteria from above.
Hope you give it a try , let this summer be a wonderful , fun filled adventure.


  1. this headband look gorgeous, i might try it! just read your "about" page, your blog is so inspirational! i would love us to follow each other, let me know if you want too! :) xx

  2. nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  3. really like your blog so I have nominated you for a liebster award! check out my blog for more information :) xx

  4. So simple yet pretty, looks so good on!