Sunday, 21 July 2013

Current Favourites : Green and Blue edition


On Tuesday I took my theory test and passed first time , as you can imagine that made me incredibly happy with myself . Now I am one step further in to freedom. The kind of happiness I experienced was overwhelming and had joyful tears welling up in my eyes.

 What amazzzing weather all week , I am so glad I can get a proper tan to cover up my pale skin ;which I am perfectly fine with but a bit of colour is perfectly acceptable too. I saw  many reviews on the Garnier sun kissed lotion and was very happy that it builds a tan naturally, exactly what I was hoping as I am not very keen on self tanners , otherwise I will get a lots of random streaks and lines not exactly very appealing to look at.  

My all time favourite colour is blue any shade will do. Last summer I bought on a whim 3 pastel coloured nail varnishes by Barry M , of course my number one favourite is the pale blue as you can see in the photo below.  I wear this particular colour a lot  luckily I have a sister who finds painting nails quite easily , yeah for those kind of helpful people in our lives.

Green Smoothies ::::::::::)
I know what you are thinking , ( YUCK /GROSS ) far from those words ;truly out of this world delicious , yes it is made with spinach.  Honestly without this spectacular ingredient it just would not be the same , drooling over this creation , I personally like the green goddess colour it makes for a  very sophisticated drink.
Enjoy the weather while it lasts , more importantly do not forgot your sunscreen I should know as I have been burnt 3 times already. (WHOOOPS)

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