Sunday, 29 September 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words

        Photography ..... ( imaginary icon of a camera )
I honestly do not know much about Photography, and thought why not challenge myself. On the variety of different  techniques I can create.
Four is always a good number it is even and is not too much in terms of the amount of photos I wanted to take : I used a basic cannon camera.
There are three main elements which are Key to a good photo.
      . Lighting
      . framing
      . creativity  
 they are very important and have the greatest impact    when used correctly
Just in case if you do not know what each of the photos are I will explain
1. A bubble in a fish eye format.
2.  a woodland area near to where I live.
3. A view of the countryside fields included.
4. My cat Leo who usually is a very chirpy little fellow but sadly today he was not feeling as photogenic.

The truth is with this blog in particular I try as best as I can to come up with posts that interest different viewers.
I am pretty sure by now you know I have terrible grammar which ,ever so slightly am always working to improve and the layout well is a little disorganised. Reason being  I am clueless when it comes to adding fancy backgrounds editing photos but all in good time will have patience with myself and focus on the minor details more.  I blog truly because I want to as I thoroughly enjoy getting my thoughts into writing  most of the time it is incredibly therapeutic.  Basically my main goal is to help myself in becoming a better version of myself.  I have  flaws but want to be honest about them one in particular struggling with an eating disorder which is so hard at times and each time I am getting closer to overcome the disorder itself . It would be ever so wonderful if anyone is having the same kind of issues that I dealt with I would love to help. 
 I know A complete Ramble as my life is constantly changing which may make more sense in the next post.

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