Sunday, 8 September 2013

Getting back to Basics

I have been back to college for two days and my first thoughts : quite a lot  has changed over these last few months, new equipment and schedules. The class is still the same except I moved to B instead of A. I am hoping I will be able to just get on with my work and just try my best.

On another note driving is improving ever so slightly. I did my first ever parallel parking now that is some tricky business but with a little determination is easily done.

After having the same bag for school/college for 4 years. I finally went shopping online and bought it from one of my favourite online stores ; Asos because I wanted a backpack instead of a handbag. Practicality was key for me especially when it helps with the posture of my back. The best thing was it was on sale WHAT A BONUS !!!!!!!! :)

Recently have just read a very heart warming book that funnily enough was given to me by my dads girlfriend, I honestly was pretty touched. I do not know about you but reading is just such a wonderful leisurely time spent well I am whisked away in a whole other world and left thinking about the characters for a very long time afterwards.  In particular Instructions for a heat wave. Fantastic read for whenever you want to delve into another time period. Another book which I thoroughly enjoyed and it is very rare but it did happen I laughed out loud half way through. The character of Angela is incredibly sweet and love how she embarks on a journey to new exciting places.
I made this D.I.Y a while back will add the link here  Personally these few months have been really up and down emotionally and the only way I can move on is reflecting on the past then moving on. A article I read said gratitude is very important in feeling better and happier about stuff. I try to be as appreciative as I can as it is the little things I write down  creating a memory. What  I found makes it even more special by adding a piece of string creates the effect of a little scroll.
Scrapbooking is such a joyous fun way to add little bits and pieces of your life and keep it for years to come. I started scrapbooking when I was 17 years old and have just gone with the flow as you make it your own. There is no need to make it perfect or a masterpiece just have fun and see what happens. Before I left to go to college in year 11 we had a leavers day, a few people wrote some messages and I added it to my scrapbook as a memento. All this week I have been really working hard in finding a possible career and keeping up with all my assignments meaning less time spent ogling at the internet for hours and focusing on the little things and it makes me feel so much more alive and productive plus a way better nights sleep.

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