Thursday, 6 June 2013

: ) Update on Life

New Hairstyle ..........

June has finally arrived time to get our tans on girls, or at least enjoy the sun while it lasts. :)
What has been happening ? I officially have a few weeks left of college and then my first year will successfully of been completed ( cross fingers ) . Unfortunately that job in white stuff which I thought went pretty well they ended up choosing someone else. I mean I could be all down about it but instead chose to be grateful for the opportunity and always  know there are better things round the corner . Each month I make 10 goals and for this month I have chosen to start running again which let me tell you is tough at first but well worth the pain and torture especially if  you are little bit stressed or emotional  which I usually am . I need to work on being more brave that will save for another post.  Quite excited about going to Wimbledon later this month and don't worry I will be posting lots of pictures as this will be going with my sister it is our first time going simply cannot wait.

My long hair which has taken me forever to grow this long has definitely seen better days.
hmm.... time for a change


There is a slight change as my  fringe is a little shorter and adding in some layers to frame my face. which was being drowned by  the middle parting that ever so slightly kept creeping in . Ok I know this girl has not really changed drastically to a blonde or highlights ,well at least not for now. I am proud to say I have not ever dyed my hair ,too much of a wimp ha-ha . If anyone is looking for a good hairdressers to go to. I would definitely recommend Toni and Guy they have wonderful service and the hairdresser I have is simply wonderful and she always makes me smile afterwards.

I Just want to thank everyone who has supported my blog and listened to me chatter on about whatever I feel needs to be addressed . These two months have flown by with blogging and I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying every moment.
Wish everyone the best in their life and remember Inner happiness comes from within "be proud of who you are no matter what".

Anyone have any advice on being more social with friends and meeting people ?
 would love to hear from you all :)


  1. You look so darling!

  2. Hi, I struggled with orthorexia and then binging :( I STILL struggle with binging but am lots older than you.
    But you are VERY YOUNG, you need da LOT of calories me. Read these articles:

    Eat lots. You need it. Even if you do nothing but sit in bed.

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! :)
    I'm new to blogging so would love any tips you have!
    I have followed you, please follow me back?

    Chloe xx