Friday, 26 July 2013

Wild shopping adventure

A Day Out In Birmingham

I woke up at 7 o clock in the morning to a pretty bad storm , believe it or not there was thunder and lightning unbelievable considering it is the day we decided to go shopping. Whilst we were on the bus the storm continued to  worsen and was unsure of whether we will be going anywhere at this rate. Finally arrived at the train station with my sister, ready to get on the train but due to the torrential rain, flooding occurred and was told the train is cancelled. Not surprised because there was reported damage that had already occurred on the train lines. Everyone who was boarding the train went to get a refund on their tickets then the intercom said not to worry the train has been reinstated with a 15 minute delay. From all this confusion we were both happy to just sit on the train  then Kayleigh needed the loo and she was certain the train would not leave for at least ten minutes. After humming and haring for a few minutes off she went and little did I know the train left ,with me still on the train with  our bags tickets and phones . I  could not believe what just happened I was rather confused at first leading me to  complete panic mode. How on earth will I be able to contact my sister  first time for everything I guess. I immediately got hold off my dad told him what had happened and he suggested I either go by myself or get the next train back . Luckily in the town we were in we knew someone who lived here and I thought to myself she might of gone to see her so I phoned the number and told my Godmother ,warning her my sister might arrive there soon and I was right; just as I was on the phone she arrived at the door. confirming what the next step was  should I wait for her to get the next train then meet her at a specific time as I could not phoning her would be hopeless. I Arrived at Birmingham an hour and a half later then went around a couple shops waiting for the time to pass on bye till it was time to meet up. Ten to 11 there she was standing waiting for her ticket. Now the fun can begin first stop was Miss Selfridge which we looked at a couple items but could not quite see anything that caught our eye.  I had a sudden horrible thought that I may of lost her camera which is the one I use to take the photos , not too mention if it got stolen how mad my sister would be at me. Thinking logically here I retraced my steps and remembered I must of left it in the Warehouse dressing room. I was right the kind lady picked it up and kept it at her desk ; few what a relief. A couple hours passed and we both decided to have lunch at the Mr Pretzel stand. Each got a lovely soft utterly delicious cinnamon pretzel I am what you call a cinnamon fiend "cant get enough of the stuff". Normally we  would got to our Eat which sells a variety of different foods ,your mouth will be watering just looking at all the different options. The purpose of the shopping trip was to find some clothes for our Holiday which is on Tuesday. There was so many sales happening in almost every store we went to. After a long day  we called it a day ,super happy with our purchases and Exhausted to the extreme but was worth the little adventure.

Have you ever had any weird shopping experiences ?

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