Sunday, 1 September 2013

Driving 101



Finally September has arrived and I am so glad as it is all about starting over for me.
Already got up this morning and cleared my head with a nice long walk.
I have been learning to drive for over a year now and so far all I have managed is to pass my Theory test which must mean I am on the right track.
5tips to passing
the theory
1. Spend a couple minutes a day going over the highway code and road signs that was key for me. 
2. Invest in a cd ,the one I bought is called Driving test success can easily be bought on eBay or Amazon for under £10.00.
3. Practice practice the theory and hazard perception 3x a week if you are not passing which is the route I took.
4. When travelling in the car try to take note of all the different signs
colour is very important and may just help you figure out the message behind the sign.
5. Just do the best you can as that is what matters
Unfortunately I am a terrible driver and this is what I find the hardest part of the whole experience.
The Game Plan : I want to be able to take the test in October
More lessons hopefully having up to 4 hours a week rather than two will help the process along a little quicker. Paying attention to what other drivers do as much as I can really focusing on the techniques that are required.
Hopefully by writing this all down will motivate me to put as much effort as possible as driving
would mean  more freedom going to places independently.
I am really sorry if this post may have no interest to those who have passed , little younger or live in a different country I hope the drawing is one part you may like I simply cannot draw so the sketch is my sisters.
Please if anyone has any tips on passing I would really appreciate the advice.
Each month I create a quote to follow
" Life is a battle the only way to get through is to fight "


  1. I passed last year and the best tip that I got was to just have confidence, even if you have no idea what to do! Stay calm and focused and think rationally and you can't go (much) wrong!
    Hope this helps
    Rosanna X

  2. I plan on learning to drive this year so I'll definitely try and remember these tips :) Great post & good luck!
    Meg xx (new follower)